About me

I started my career in Ontario Canada. Where I studied: Computer Science at Algoma University.


I loved creating and developing things, so I started with the common  projects known in the field to improve my skills. This forced me to create something new with every challenge and made me a little bit better.

My Workflow

1. Planing

First part of the project should always starts with questions to the client about what they want.In order to get a super clear picture of what they want and need.

2. Design

Starting with wireframing. If approved by the client. Then continue with the visual design by adding details and make it a live.

3. Development

Apply the logic and action to the Project.Then sending previews to the client for feedback.

4. Deployment

Submitting the Project. After final Preview is approved by the client

Web Softwares

Mobile Softwares

Data Base